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Pock Time line

1 AV – Pock is born in the Halfling town of Tossinspan, was blessed and curse by an elder of the town, saying the he would be “blessed with a great power but also cursed that the power with be uncontrollable.”

7-16 AV – Pock is raised mainly by his parent’s friend Alkor, an old human alchemist who lives in Tossinspan

16 AV – Pock leaves home with his friend Mip.

17-22 AV – Pock and Mip work for a traveling merchant.

23-32 AV – Pock and Mip work as hands for a merchant trading vessel.

33-39 AV – Pock and Mip work as ranch hands in (plains city).

40-50 AV – Pock and Mip work as Drivers for a freight company.

50-70 AV – Pock and Mip work as construction workers in Brisbee.


114 AV – Pock and Mip go separate ways, Pock decides to become a Magician while Pock joins the army.

115-125 AV Pock trains under a traveling magician.


163 AV – Pock joins a traveling fair as a magician, meets (Jason’s character)

178 AV – Pock’s great but uncontrollable power finally surfaces when he accidently burns a dozen children to death. The fair is also destroyed in the process and Pock goes into hiding. (Jason’s character) also disappears.

179 AV – Pock wonders the world, trying to gain control of his power.

180-200 AV – Pock finds an old wizard who trains him and helps him gain some control over his power 201AV – After a year of hiding and training, Pock goes to the city of Brisbee where he becomes a street magician.

203 AV – game start


Pock was born in the town of Tossenspan, named after the great rogue Perin Tossenspan. He was born to two Gnomes, Jarkanaco (father) and Lowen (mother). They were a great asset to the Order during the Great Undead war. They specialized in scouting and recon and later work in internal affairs for the Order. When the war was over they moved out to the town of Tossenspan, a small Halfling town located in the hilly midsouth region of Lysia. They had Pock soon after they moved there and spent the next few years raising him.


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