Idris Storm-walker

Played by Jason


Elf Druid 2

Stats: Str 12, Con 12, Dex 16, Int 9, Wis 16, Cha 15,

Defenses: AC 17, Fort 12, Ref 15, Will 15

Misc: HP 29, Spd 8, Init +4


Physical Description:

A tattered cream colored cloak bearing the mark of Avandra is draped over an entirely too tan elf. Hastily cut tufts of light brown hair jut up from his head between his long pointy ears. A sleepy look, and a careless smile constantly adorn his face. Beneath his cloak lies a worn set of hide armor, and several rune covered beaded bracelets ring his long slender arms. On his feet he wears a pair of thick leather sandals. Beneath his armor lies a pair of matching 2 inch long scars, one on his back, and one on his chest. He has the vague scent of pine cones.


On the frontier of human civilization lies a small village nestled against the forests. Native to the forest is a tribe of wild elves who fashion themselves as protectors of the wilds against the encroachment of human civilization. For generations the elves stalked the humans from under the shadows of the forest canopy killing any who dared enter the forest, until the number of mysterious deaths and missing persons caused the humans to concoct wild stories of ghosts and evil spirits and drove them to stay far from the edge of the wood.

As with all the adolescent elves of the tribe, Idris became an apprentice to one of the guardian druids of the forest. His master was renowned as one of the most skilled and powerful druids in his tribe, but he was a strict and uncaring teacher who disliked Idris’s carefree demeanor. One day while on patrol of the forest outskirts with his master, the pair stumbled upon human footsteps leading into the forest. Recognizing the tracks as too light to be those of a fully grown man, the teacher decided to test Idris’s mettle by ordering him to track the footsteps, eliminate the intruder by himself, and bring proof of the dead back. So Idris, terrified at the notion of battle, fearfully followed the tracks for hours until he came upon a weeping boy sitting in the middle of a clearing wiping tears from his eyes. Relieved that he did not have to face a true adversary, Idris took pity on the boy and spared his life. He brought the child back to the edge of the forest near his village and cut a lock of his hair as proof of the ‘kill’. When he returned to the village he concocted a story of a harrowing fight with a human, and presented the lock of hair to his master before the tribe’s council. Being the first to slay a human in over 50 years and banquet was held in Idris’s honor.

However, his master, having seen the tracks himself was unconvinced by the story, so he went on another patrol to search for the body. During the search, Idris’s master happend upon a group of human children playing in the forest, emboldened by their friends safe return. The master slaughtered them all and found that one of them was missing a lock of hair of the same color as Idris’s supposed kill. Knowing that this was his opportunity to be rid of his worthless pupil the master decapitated the child and brought his evidence back to the tribal council. Having allowed a human who had entered the forest to live, the master accused Idris of having broken the law of the tribe before the council. The council produced the verdict to put Idris to the death by hunt as was the way of their people.

Idris was released from the village and given an hours start to try and escape the warriors of the tribe. Over the course of the night he was hunted as he made his way to the edge of the forest, where he would find safety, since it was forbidden for the elves to leave the forests and risk being seen by the humans. Finally, upon reaching the edge of the forest Idris had found his freedom, however, at that very moment his old master, who had been stalking him for the last few miles, impaled him with a well thrown javalin. bleeding to death, nearly unconcious, and with a javelin protruding from his back, Idris crawled the last few short feet to his freedom while his master watched in spite. As he reached the forest’s edge the dawning sun raised on the horizon and Idris was able to see the outskirts of the village as his vision faded to black.

Idris awoke inside a building with a strange old human looking over him. His wounds were dressed in bandages and the human was speaking to him in common, a language which Idris did not yet know. Suddenly a banging came upon a door in another room and several voices were heard shouting. Realizing that the villages had probably realized that many of their children were missing, Idris knew that there would be trouble if he stayed. Seeing a cloak hanging from a rank Idris leaped to his feet and grabbed it. Feeling his wounds reopen, Idris leaped out a window and sneaked into the stable next door. Once there, he stole a horse which was already prepared for riding and rode out of town as fast as he could.

After riding aimlessly for days, the saddlebags of the horse Idris was on had run out of rations, and Idris’s wounds still were not healing properly. Luckly however, as Idris was riding he came upon a wagon bearing the same mark (sign of Avandra) as the cloak he had stolen earlier. Trying his luck, he hailed the drivers of the wagon and in elvish. They both looked at him unknowningly, and Idris’s heart sank, but suddenly an elvish response came from the back of the wagon. The traveling priests took Idris in and took them with them, and never once did they ask how he came to be so grievously injured. The priests were traveling missionaries of Avandra, moving from community to community helping those in need, and Idris traveled with them for a season while learning to speak common, helping however he could. After learning the language and fully recovering from his wounds Idris said his farewells to the priests and went his own way.

For the next 50 years Idris has wandered the globe living a lazy life, doing odd jobs to get by, and teaching those around him his own philosophy to share nature, and looking for a new place to call home. During these years Idris has not once called upon his powers over nature, and instead prefered to live as a common drifter.

During his travels, Idris joined a circus for a few months as an animal trainer where he met Puck the gnomish magician. When the circus was destroyed by arson, Idris decided that he had stayed long enough, and moved on, just as he always does.

Recently, Idris has entered the town of Brisbee in order to find a job and get enough money to resupply and continue his wandering lifestyle. While in Brisbee, an unknown army of undead attacked. During the attack, Idris met the Deva Ronen, and his old acquaintance Puck. Disgusted by the unnaturalness of the living dead, Idris once again called upon his primal powers to aid his newfound allies against the threat. The team of three different spell casters helped the Shubi warlord Kail reach the Shubi keep located in the town and there the four of them aided the keep’s defenses and fended off the undead invasion.

Afterwards, Idris and his companions were hired by the Shubi to journey into the desert and investigate the temple dedicated to sealing away the undead. However, on their journey the Shubi betrayed the three mages and tried to assassinate the trio. They were easily dispatched, and their leader spared in exchange for his cooperation in fooling the Shubi into thinking the party dead.

On their continued journey to the temple, a plague of insects enveloped the country side. Seeking refuge from the swarm, the mages came upon a peaceful apparition of an old woman who told them that what they sought was in a nearby forest. Travelling into the forest the party discovered a green crystal in the center of a labyrinthine temple. Idris took the crystal, but has not yet discovered how it can help him in his quest. Tune in next time on: The Nations Of Lysia!

Idris Storm-walker

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