Lysia Overview

Lysia was settled by colonists nearly one thousand years before The Dark War. The origins of the colonists is unknown at this day, but it is believed that they may have traveled somewhere from the Endless Sea.

The people of Lysia have divided into two nations: Tieryn and Jah-Kar. The Shubi Guild city of Brisbee lies in between these two nations.

Summarized History

50 b.w. – Undead army attacks from the east and begins destroying every major human city on Lysia.

30 b.w. – Small group of Dwarven divine spellcasters form together and create The Shubi Guild. They find the strongest warriors left alive and destroy the leader of the undead attacks a few years later.

0 – The Shubi has grown to thousands of warriors. They destroy the majority of the undead army at last. People start to rebuild.

20 a.v.- The Shubi kills the last of the remaining undead that were scattered around Wehy. Three Jah-Kar leaders cannot come to compromise on a new government, so each begins to build their own city with their followers.

50 a.v.- The Shubi begins construction of Brisbee as their central headquarters.

70 a.v.- Brisbee has grown large enough to be established as the major trading hub between Jah-Kar and Tieryn. Guild halls are constructed in major cities for recruiting and trading purposes.

Peace and Reconstruction

195 – A great leader of Tieryn dies after a prolonged sickness.

196 – Tieryn representatives unanimously elect the new ruler, Eyta. She is incredibly popular with the poor in Tieryn’s largest cities

202 – Eyta finishes building two coliseums.

Lysia Overview

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