Aesthera is an elderly woman who lives in the city of Trevanok. She is the librarian and owner of The Library of Jemali, and has been so for a very long time. She is wise beyond her years and is always searching for more volumes to add to her collection. This library has been in her family for generations and is considered an heirloom, of sorts. However, Aesthera never married and never bore a child to pass the ownership along. In some ways, she has feared that she has let down her family by not being able to pass the Library of Jemali on to future generations.

In her younger years, Aesthera travelled all over Lysia in search of new tomes for the library she would one day inherit. She took part on many excavations of the old times, before The Dark War, and helped uncover several artifacts that are now housed in The Museum of Leges for study.

As age came, Aesthera settled in at her place as librarian. She was able to hire people at The Library of Jemali for a time, but as help began to fade, so did the condition of the building. She was too old to keep things in order herself, and there was not enough money coming in to maintain the repairs that the building needed. She was afraid that the library would soon come to an end.

A few years after Aesthera realized that The Library of Jemali may need to be shut down, a kind soul found its way to her. A man the likes of which many had not seen for 100 years came to her door step one day. This was none other than the Deva Ronen. Aesthera saw much good in him, and he had a thirst for knowledge that she had not seen in a very long time. She allowed him to stay in the attic of the library, and in turn, Ronen did what he could to put The Library of Jemali back in order. Aesthera some of herself in him as he always took a new volume with him each night, and expressed a tremendous interest in the tomes containing information about the old times and the lost arcane arts.

After several years, when the time came for Ronen to depart, she gave him a gift: one of The Lost Tomes of Ioun. This is something that Aesthera’s family had in their possession for generations, and he would not realize the significance of this gift for quite some time. She gave it to him as his ritual book and journal, but knew that he would one day discover its power. She also had a feeling that he may very well discover one or more of the other Tomes during his quest for knowledge. Though she did not know what knowledge was contained within the Tomes, she knew that Ronen was the type to put it to good use…


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